What is Skirank



Skirank is the innovative digital service dedicated to skiing, the first in Italy developed for ski clubs and ski schools. Unique service of its kind to offer the possibility to follow the growth path of athletes over time, improve performance and analyze activity data.


Ski clubs, ski schools and coaches can enter the type of training, manage the technical videos of training and competitions, review, share and compare the videos and have an automatic and updated reporting of the athletes’ activities (performance analysis).

Skirank can be used on multiple mobile phones, tablets and PCs at the same time with maximum security




can follow the growth and progress of their children through videos that can be consulted at any time thanks to the single dedicated video archive


can improve performance by reviewing their technical gestures and comparing them over time through training and competition videos (even with slow motion). He can also consult the personalized data of trainings and competitions


monitor their activities and the activities of the athletes, upload training videos and have statistics and analysis, all easily managed from a smartphone


Skirank simplifies and optimizes the technical management of the entire Ski Club / Ski School with the ability to create and offer new services to its athletes and supporters (technical videos, training, competitions, performance analysis, etc.). Access is differentiated by secretariat, technical director, coaches, parents and athletes

Skirank offers the possibility to manage the following features in an innovative way:

enter the type of trainings

manage the technical training and competitions videos

review and compare training and competition videos

enter the activities and expenses incurred

reporting for athletes’ activities

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watch and compare training videos
analyze activity data
improve performance!